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The Art of Self-Massage at Work: Tips for Relieving Tension

A working day without physical stress

When immersed in the demanding world of daily work, physical tensions can build up, affecting our overall well-being. As an experienced masseuse, I'd like to share with you some practical tips for mastering the art of self-massage at work, a simple and effective approach to relieving tension.

Tip 1: Instant Relaxation with Deep Breathing

For immediate relaxation, practise deep breathing. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, inhale deeply through your nose, hold the air for a few seconds, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat several times. This technique reduces stress in just a few minutes.

Tip 2: Stimulate tension points with Hand Self-Massage

Rub your hands together to generate heat, then gently massage each finger, palm and wrist. Concentrate on tense areas. This quick massage stimulates circulation and relieves tension.

Tip 3: Use Accessories to target a specific target group.

Incorporate accessories such as a tennis ball or massage roller. Place the ball under your feet and roll it gently to stimulate the reflexology points. These simple tools add a relaxing dimension to your workspace.

Tip 4: Stretching to release muscle tension

Incorporate simple stretches into your self-massage routine. Focus on the areas that are subject to the most strain, such as the neck, shoulders and back. Regular stretching helps release muscle tension, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of stiffness at work. Take a few minutes each day to stretch and feel the benefits to your body and energy instantly.

Tip 5: Create a Daily Self-Massage Routine

Establish a daily self-massage routine, ideally at the same time every day. This creates a relaxing ritual, signalling to your body to go into relaxation mode, even in the midst of professional activity.


Incorporating self-massage into the workplace is a valuable way of relieving tension. Feel free to explore different techniques and personalise your approach. We invite you to share your experiences of self-massage and leave a comment below. Immerse yourself in this regular practice for a more relaxed and balanced working day.

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