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Time for a break

A moment of complete disconnection can only be achieved by letting go of time. That's why we give each and every one of our customers a time that's fully dedicated to them. It's more than just massage time, it's human time that we want to offer.

To do this, we add 30 minutes to our schedule between each reservation. The appointment time you book is therefore entirely devoted to your massage time. The 30 minutes we add (at no extra cost) are used for :

  • Welcome you and prepare your customized session together

  • Allow you to settle into the massage room

  • Let you enjoy your treatment for a few minutes after the massage

  • Leave you time to gently exit your treatment

  • Discuss your feelings over a drink.

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Secrets of olive oil in our massages


Olive Oil is celebrated as an age-old Mediterranean treasure, used since ancient times for its sublimating radiance and nourishing properties that leave skin supple and silky.

Today, we perpetuate this tradition for our customers by incorporating this precious oil into every one of our massages, inviting you on a journey to the south.

We work with a supplier of certified extra-virgin organic first cold-pressed olive oil from southern Italy, for intense care that respects your skin.

Masseuse et gestionnaire

Through my massages, I try to teach my customers the sense of touch again, and to appreciate this benevolent contact as a means of rediscovering their own relationship with themselves and with others.
We are beings of emotions and sharing, and this is what makes us feel alive.

Responsable Marketing

I'm Linda, passionate about body, cognitive and energy therapies. I've chosen to create extraordinary massages that will help you relax physically and align spiritually. Trained in classical and energetic massages, as well as in life and love coaching, I use all my knowledge to give you the experience you need today. 


A team of passionate people

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