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In a few words...

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Through my massages, I try to reintroduce my clients to the sense of touch and to appreciate this kind touch as a means of rediscovering their own relationship with themselves and with others.


We are beings of emotions and sharing, and that's what makes us feel alive.



Jean-Philippe Bosman

Le Roy d'Espagne Restaurant Owner

"We had the pleasure of working with Audrey during our event for International Women's Day in March 2023. Her massage service was highly appreciated by our clients. Audrey managed to create a relaxing and professional atmosphere, providing high-quality massages. Thank you for contributing to the success of our event."
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Oumnia Dakkon

Belgian Taekwondo champion

"Training and competitions can be quite demanding on my body. Audrey truly helps me alleviate muscle soreness and recover faster between training sessions and competitions. Whether it's for regular workouts or high-level competitions, I highly recommend her."



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Jean-Philippe Bosman

Restaurant Manager for "Le Roy d'Espagne"

"We had the pleasure of working with Audrey at our Women's Day party in March 2023. Her massage service was much appreciated by our clients. Audrey created a relaxing and professional atmosphere by offering high quality massages. Thank you for helping to make our event a great success."

Le soin du corps au naturel qui vous reconnecte à vous-même.

  • Un service centré sur l'humain

  • Des massages sur mesure selon vos besoins

  • Des produits naturels et respectueux de l'environnement

Solidarity and commitment

We actively collaborate with associations dedicated to people who are suffering, such as those supporting battered women or people who are ill. We believe in social responsibility and strive to bring comfort and support to those who need it most, affirming our commitment to a caring and equitable community.

Valentine's offer

Valable du 05 au 18.02.2024

Discover our Valentine's Day Offer - Harmonie à Deux: a unique sensory experience with a duo massage. Enjoy a romantic interlude with two glasses of Cava to celebrate love. Personalise your experience with your own romantic playlist, immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere, let yourself be carried away by relaxation, and create unforgettable memories.

 60 min      160 € 

 90 min      240 €  

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